Best 18-month CD Rates of March 2023

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Fidelity’s 18-month CD lets customers invest in a high-yield certificate of deposit without having to go through a traditional bank. As a brokered CD, it’s sold directly by the brokerage firm, providing a convenient way for current Fidelity customers to invest in CDs. Despite not being issued directly by a bank, Fidelity’s 18-month CD is still FDIC insured.

Fidelity’s 18-month CD boasts an impressive 5.20% APY, making it a top choice for those seeking a high yield on their investment. With a minimum investment of $1,000, this CD is accessible to a wide range of customers.

However, it’s worth noting that with Fidelity CDs, all terms earn simple interest rather than compound interest. So depending on the amount you invest, you could be missing out on a significant sum of money.

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Fidelity CDs earn simple interest, not compound interest. And Fidelity CDs do not automatically renew at maturity. Rather, Fidelity credits the principal CD balance and interest to your account at maturity. Account holders can enroll in Fidelity’s Auto Roll service to automatically reinvest CD funds into new CDs.

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