Best Cheap Car Insurance In Florida 2023

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Florida drivers aren’t likely to catch many breaks when it comes to car insurance. It’s a relatively expensive state for auto insurance to begin with, and if you have any marks on your driving record or poor credit, things only get worse from there.

Comparing car insurance quotes can really pay off when you’re searching for the best car insurance companies. We looked at rates for a variety of drivers to find the cheapest Florida car insurance options.

Cheap Florida car Insurance for good drivers

Geico and Mercury offer the best rates for good drivers, among the Florida car insurance companies we analyzed.

Even if you have a great driving record, you’ll want to compare car insurance quotes because rates in Florida can vary significantly among companies.

Cheap car insurance in Florida for drivers with a speeding ticket

If you get busted for speeding in Florida, you might have some trouble finding cheap car insurance. Getting a speeding ticket can increase your Florida car insurance rates by more than $1,000 a year on average. We found the best rates from Geico, Mercury and State Farm.

Cheap Florida car insurance for drivers who caused an accident with injury

Florida has a no-fault auto insurance system, so you make most injury claims on your own insurance. But you can still be sued for causing severe injuries to someone else.

Being responsible for a car accident that caused an injury to someone else boosts Florida car insurance quotes by an average of nearly $1,800 a year. In these cases, shopping around for a better rate can pay off, even though you’ll still likely pay more than before the accident.

Try Geico, Travelers and State Farm, which have the cheapest Florida car insurance rates for drivers with an accident, among the companies we analyzed.

Cheap Florida car insurance for drivers with a DUI

Brace yourself for a potentially significant rate increase at renewal time if you’ve gotten a DUI conviction. The average Florida car insurance rate for a good driver increases by 33% after one DUI. Geico and Bristol West are relatively cheap Florida for car insurance options after a DUI.

Cheap Florida car insurance for drivers with poor credit

Having poor credit can cost you an extra $2,200 a year, on average, for Florida car insurance. That’s because insurance companies say their research finds that drivers with bad credit are more likely to file claims.

Insurance companies use different formulas for setting rates based on poor credit, so one company may increase your cost by a much lower amount than another. From our analysis, United Automobile Insurance Co. and Geico have the best Florida car insurance rates for those with poor credit.

Cheap Florida car insurance for adding a teen driver

Buying car insurance for a teen driver can more than double your Florida auto insurance costs. Geico has the cheapest rates for parents who add a teen driver to a policy. Geico is the only insurer with average car insurance costs under $7,000 a year for Florida parents with a teen driver, among those analyzed by Forbes Advisor.

State Farm and Progressive are the next lowest in price for adding a teen.

Cheap Florida car insurance for young drivers ages 18 to 25

All drivers should make sure they’re maximizing discounts and that’s especially true for young drivers, who typically pay much higher rates than drivers in their 30s, 40s and 50s. Geico has the cheapest Florida car insurance for young drivers, which is still fairly high at over $3,900 a year, but well below the state average of $7,404 a year.

If you’re in school and have good grades, such as a B average or better, ask about student car insurance discounts.

Cheap Florida car insurance for senior drivers age 65+

Car insurance for seniors is more expensive compared to middle-aged drivers. Insurance companies often charge seniors more to drive because they’re considered more likely to get into accidents than someone in their 40s and 50s.

Geico has the cheapest Florida car insurance for seniors, among the insurers we analyzed. Mercury and State Farm are not as cheap but still offer relatively competitive rates.

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