Statement from National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on UN Vote To Support Peace in Ukraine – The White House

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Nearly one year after Russia launched its brutal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, 141 countries — from every continent and every corner of the world — issued a powerful call for a comprehensive, just, and lasting peace in Ukraine in line with the principles of the UN Charter. By overwhelmingly voting in favor of the UN General Assembly resolution today, these nations stood firmly in support of the rules-based international order, and spoke with one voice to demand Russia’s full, immediate, and unconditional withdrawal from all of Ukraine’s territory. A year into this conflict, the international community remains steadfast in upholding our shared values, including the principles of sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity that are the foundation of the UN Charter, and accountability for violations of international law, including Russia’s war of aggression. Today’s vote was an overwhelming demonstration of support for Ukraine — and a clear defense or freedom for people everywhere.


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