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Master Excel for Data Analysis in 7 Days

Excel is the hammer in almost any finance professional’s toolbox. Knowing your way around a spreadsheet is one thing, but mastering it—especially when it comes to analyzing data for deep insights and more informed decision-making—can make all the difference to your productivity, performance, and competitive edge.

Get on your way with the CFI Excel-erator Challenge, a free 7-day intensive that builds key skills for data analysis in Excel. Whether you’re a pro looking to round out your Excel skills or aspiring to a career in financial analysis or business intelligence, this challenge is for you.

In one week, you’ll learn:

  • “Look up” data with a variety of methods
  • Highlight key messages with conditional formatting
  • Create insights with Excel functions & formulas
  • Analyze data with Excel Tables & Dynamic Arrays
  • Structure & Visualize data with Excel Charts
  • Where your Excel skills land with a Qualified Assessment
  • Plus: Earn a certificate of completion for Data Analysis in Excel*

Take the CFI Excel-erator Challenge

Sign up to get each day’s challenge delivered to your inbox, along with a daily workbook created by CFI’s data and business intelligence experts. And be sure to share your progress on LinkedIn using the #ExcelerateWithCFI to connect with fellow Excel-erators!

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